HOW to make the right choice!

it’s a complicated market. but don’t worry, we are here to help.
below are a few things to consider before making a purchase.

·        Know what you are going to get before purchasing.

·        Ask for performance numbers, something tangible. Do not accept only rhetoric and propaganda.

·        Purchase a new part or have your own reworked. Cores returned by other users may be defective.

·         Look for features and details. An optimized throttle body will have a multitude of features in different places. Ask what was modified and why. Most PTB are worked in a single set up and a single area (inlet) which is very profitable but not optimum.

·        Do not settle for a poor surface finish. A surface finish on the flow path that you can feel with your fingernails or where you can easily see material smeared on the surface is not conducive to optimum performance and it is a sign of poor workmanship.

·        Be careful of the promise of more power at WOT. It is often negligible, difficult to measure accurately, and grossly exaggerated.

·        Be careful of gimmicks, just because a feature looks cool, it does not mean it is functional.

·        Parts made in a place where quality is taken seriously are marked with a part number, serial number and sometimes drawing revision letters. The absence of this signifies that the manufacturer cannot keep track of when, where, how, or what was done to every single part.

·        Prior to shipping, was your part tested/measured? How? Question the methods. For example, a plywood fixture for airflow testing is not acceptable.