SE0820-TC Throttle Controller (Corvette 7)

SE0820-TC Throttle Controller (Corvette 7)


Throttle Controller for Corvette 7 (All Models)

The perfect match for our Throttle Bodies. Easy installation. No calibration.

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Throttle controllers, or perhaps better called pedal controllers, are often compared and compete with modified/ported throttle bodies for the best or more transformational modification for a limited budget. The truth is; they are part of the same system and do not compete with each other, they rather complement each other. The pedal response is where it all starts, interfacing with the driver, and the throttle valve (body) response characteristic airflow curve is where it all ends, interfacing with the engine air. Therefore no throttle modification is complete without taking care of these two ends of the system. If these two modifications are already competing for the first spot on their own, just imagine them working together.


  • Five Modes, with a total of 37 possible settings

  • Eco Mode: Nine settings for improved fuel economy in city driving

  • Normal Mode: Same as stock ( One setting)

  • Performance 1 Mode: Nine settings for comfortable driving, all slightly more responsive than stock

  • Performance 2 Mode: Nine settings for spirited city driving, with setting 2.5 giving a quasi-linear response when combined with our throttle bodies.

  • Performance 3 Mode: Nine settings for aggressive acceleration, for track use only

  • Compact LCD Display (2” x 1 .25” x .25” ) with red characters. Aluminum case and buttons

  • Fail-safe vehicle specific design


  • Controls pedal sensitivity, allowing driver to adjust an otherwise widely considered non-linear (slow/spongy) pedal response/map

  • Increases the sensation of acceleration/power, very important for driving pleasure in finely tuned sports cars

  • Complements performance Throttle Bodies in achieving total throttle control as a system

  • Plug-and-play modification that does not require calibration

  • Warranty safe modification

  • Easy installation (15 min, no tools or special skills required)