SE8223-100 NEW, 87 mm (91 mm Eff.) LT1/LT4

SE8223-100 NEW, 87 mm (91 mm Eff.) LT1/LT4


Premium Modified, Ported, and Calibrated Throttle Body (NEW).

Corvette C7 (LT1/LT4 Engines), 2014-Present.
Camaro (6th Generation) SS & ZL1, 2016-Present.
Cadillac CTS-V, 2016-Present.

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• Optimized Active Contours (Both Upstream & Downstream)
• Porting Taper and Upstream Bore (Lip & Bore Reduction)
• Greater Discharge Coefficient of Plate/Blade
• 16 Ra Microinch, Diamond Polished Surface Finish (Lower Skin Friction)
• Half-Shaft (Front & Back) for Larger WOT Flow Area (91 mm Effective Bore)
• Self-Cleaning Throat/Flow Gap
• Minimized Gear Backlash
• Countersunk, Thread-locked, and Peened Screws
• Higher Quality
• Made from Brand New OEM Parts

• Lower weight to power ratio at part throttle, for a more nimble/spirited driving experience
(We doubled the rate of change of mass airflow (MAF) from 1.2 g/s-deg to 2.4 g/s-deg), 100% Increase!
• Linearization and smoothing of the curve for a more predictable response and crisper shifts
• Immediate response right off idling while keeping idling function undisturbed (No Hesitation/Stumble)
• Eliminate the need for using aftermarket throttle controllers and/or ECU tuning
• More air/power at every single throttle position after idle. Crucial for starting or expanding power gain modifications
Easy Installation (15 Minutes or Less)