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Make your car feel small, nimble, and RESPONSIVE.
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from everyone at our company:

our philosophy is to under promise and over deliver. contrasting popular industry standards. we give you numbers and facts. quantitative data. no gimmicks. no hype. something real.
— Soler Engineering


 What customers are saying about Soler Performance

don’t just take it from us. hear from those who have already made the switch.

Throttle body made such a big change that even my wife was surprised. She enjoys the car even more now.
— Alek (Facebook)
This throttle body is it! if it is not perfect.. I don’t know what is. the rest of my time driving has been an absolute pleasure. EVERYTHING is effortless; coming out of stops, driving in traffic, passing others, daily commuting, the way it should be! The lag and hesitation are gone, no dead spot off idle.
— McNultyZ06 (
I installed a new Soler Engineering SE8223-100 Modified, Ported, and Calibrated Throttle Body... Then, slowing revving off-idle several times, I tried my darndest to feel or sense the hesitation/stumble, (which with the aftermarket ported/modified TB, I would have noticed immediately). It was GONE! Thank you...
— Perf n Restore (
...but for any of you guys with the throttle lag issue with your M7’s especially, and I know there are many, this is the real deal...
— Garbud (
Smooth power delivery with partial throttle, the way it should be... The throttle pedal is responsive in a way that no other modern GM throttle pedal is, which is EXACTLY what I wanted... It just makes the car drive like a modern sports car, rather than like a Tahoe, at every point below 40% throttle angle.
— Sellout (
I never dreamed a modified TB would make this much noticeable difference on an already modified car.
— CorvetteOJ (
...the Soler Engineering throttle body has a very linear response to pedal inputs. Smooth starts from a stop are effortless. Driving in heavy freeway traffic is a breeze. Driving in light freeway traffic is still a blast... the performance shift mode seems to work better. In particular, the downshifts are smoother and more equally spaced.
— laserdude2215 (



WAnt to upgrade your Ported throttle body? not a problem.